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Most Discussed Charles Manson Quotes and Frequently Asked Questions
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"Lawson, you can't help what you believe. You've never been told the truth."

"They needed a monster to keep America under control." 

Charles Manson


What Book Clubs want to know about Charles Manson:


Q Did Manson admit his guilt to you?

A. Manson said, "Lawson, I am not a good man, and I belong in prison for things I've done, but I did not kill those people or order them killed. I told the judge, 'I am so against taking life, that I don't even eat meat.'  I still don't.  No one cared. Even President Nixon judged me without trial. "  


Q. Did Manson attend classes at Boys Town in Omaha?

A. Yes, he arrived in 1947 and believed it was a perfect place for him. He spoke affectionately about the priests and nuns.


Q. Is Manson still alive?

A. Charles Manson died November 17, 2017, while chained to a hospital bed in Bakersfield, CA.


Q. How long did you know Manson?

A. We communicated regularly for several years as part of my research for the book  BEFORE HE BECAME A MONSTER.


Q . What about Manson’s parents?

A. Manson never knew his father.  His mother was a convicted armed robber who once sold him for a pitcher of beer.  Manson asked me to help find his mother's grave, which I located in Oregon.  He said,  "I couldn't have asked for a better mother. I still love her."


Q.  Where did Manson learn his street toughness?

A.  He supported himself and lived alone at age 12 in a rented apartment in Indianapolis. 


Q. Did Manson approve of your book and short stories?

A.  Yes. Manson wanted people to know his story and accepted the presentation of fact mixed with a sprinkling of fiction.


 Q . Were you ever frighted in dealing with Manson?

 A . Yes. The Manson Family remained close to Charlie and lived near the prison. They sought to protect him and challenged me several times.


Q.  Is it true Manson had a non-profit organization?

 A.  Yes, he supported strong environmental policies to save mankind by preserving Air, Trees, Water, and Animals. The group still has an active Facebook presence.


 Q.  Is it true that Manson received more fan mail than any prisoner in the history of the California Department of Corrections? 

 A.  Yes,  he regularly received thousands of letters every month.


Q. How did you and Manson get along?

A. We had several horrible cuss fights, all stemming from Manson's assumption I was trying to judge him and his life.   He learned that when pushed, I push back.  He had the ability to apologize, as did I.   

 Q. Is it true Manson lived with the Beach Boys for a time,  wrote songs for them, and was a talented musician?  

  A. Yes.  Manson was a talented musician.  Several of his songs were published by well-known groups. He also published his own music albums in prison to support his non-profit organization.


Q. What were your main takeaways from the Manson experience?

A.  I came to agree with sociologists, criminologists,  and legal professionals who say Manson may have been innocent, as he maintained for years. I also resolved the questions I had about Manson's mind control, as explained in CHRISTMAS CARDS FROM MANSON. 

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