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with Lawson

Q. Did Manson attend classes at Boys Town in Omaha?

A. Yes, he arrived in 1947 and believed it was a good place with ideal priests and nuns.


Q. Is Manson still alive?

A. Charles Manson died November 17, 2017 while chained to a hospital bed in Bakersfield CA.


Q. How long did you know Manson?

A. We communicated regularly for several years while researching the book BEFORE HE BECAME A MONSTER.


Q What about Manson’s parents?

A. He never knew his fathers.  His mother was a convicted armed robber who once sold him for a pitcher of beer.


Q  Where did Manson learn his street toughness?

A  Indianapolis where he lived on his own at age 12.


Q What surprised you most about Manson?

A . Two things: (1) His appreciation for Christianity and (2) his unexpected racist views that “Black people are bigger, faster, stronger and smarter than white people. They’ve just been held down for centuries.”


Q. Why did Manson have a Nazi swastika tattoo on his forehead?

A. He acknowledged it was a control tactic by a 5’2” tall guy locked up with bad people.


Q Did Manson and approve your book and short stories about him?

A.  Yes he wanted people to know his story and accepted the mix of fact and fiction.


Q Were you ever frighted in dealing with Manson?

A Yes. The Manson Family remained close to Charlie and sought to protect him.

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